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Help Oppose Hollins and Rangel's Draft!


Rep. Charles crypto exchange philippines Rangel (D-NY) and Senator Fritz Hollins (D-SC) have introduced legislation to reinstate the military draft for young men. Even pro-war hawks President Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld have gone on the record opposing the bill. They realize that a draft is not necessary for our military and if anything would be a hinderance. Please join the President in opposing Rep. Rangel's bill by signing the petition below.

We ethereum trading philippines as American citizens live in a nation where the right to have beliefs and convictions forms our society’s foundation. We have never submitted to any foreign force manipulating our values or silencing our voices. However, as you read this message, there exists a force of Americans who would take away your right to choose to support your nation in a time of war. They demand that you fight and die in the military in spite of your moral objections, in spite of your personal beliefs, and in spite of your inalienable right to object to and resist oppression. You may be forced, by lawyers and judges, senators and presidents, to best cryptocurrency trading app philippines die for a cause you find morally repugnant. These words are not radical speculation regarding a hypothetical or imaginary future, rather these are true scenarios that have grounding in the past, and promise in the future.

What You Can Do:

1  By signing the petition below, you can join thousands of other Americans in stating to your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator that the government has no claim on your life, and certainly no right to force you to fight in a war.


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