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Dear Representative,

I'm writing to express my opposition to Rep. Charles Rangel's bill, HR 163, reinstating the military draft. Conscription is an unnecessary measure, a waste of tax dollars, damages our military preparedness, and endangers our liberty.

The President, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell have all stated publicly since September 11th that reinstating the draft is an unnecessary measure for modern defense. The President and his staff have insisted that The War on Terrorism is a new type of war to be fought with unconventional means, and have been modifying our fighting capabilities to meet these means. Our all-volunteer military is the most powerful in the world. The hasty training and low morale of conscripts makes them poor fighting companions for our highly trained and motivated volunteers. In the case of a large army of draftees versus a small trained professional force, more is truly less.

Finally, a military draft is inconsistent with our founding principles. We are a nation of free people with the right to fight for what we believe is just. When Americans believe their cause is just and worthy, they volunteer and support war efforts in huge numbers, making the forced enlistment of citizens both unnecessary and unjust. Conscription attempts to negate our right to judge for ourselves whether or not our nation's actions are honorable, and threatens to make us slaves of the government through forced conscription.

I ask that you oppose this violation of our freedom, weakening of our military and the resultant waste of our tax dollars. Please oppose Rep. Charles Rangel's bill, HR 163 to reinstatement the draft.

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I would appreciate an acknowledgement of this message, and would like to know whether you will oppose HR 163 or not. This issue is very important to me and to many other constituents in your district.

Thank you for your attention.


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